How do I change the User Agent (Browser Identification) string that galeon uses?


Changing the User Agent string is only working around the problem. The real problem is the web site that is artificially blocking your access. You should make a complaint to the web site owner and politely ask them to fix their site.

ALERT! If you fake your User Agent string there's less pressure for the web site owner to actually fix it.


This feature is already implemented. It is not in the UI because there is a mozilla bug (in the java plugin) that makes galeon crash at startup with some strings.

You can set the user agent from the command line using GConf:

  1. To get the current user agent:

    gconftool -g /apps/galeon/Advanced/Network/user_agent
  2. To set the user agent to XXX:

    gconftool -s /apps/galeon/Advanced/Network/user_agent --type=string "XXX"
  3. To restore the default user agent:

    gconftool -s /apps/galeon/Advanced/Network/user_agent --type=string default

See the Wikipedia entry for User agent for a short list of example user-agent strings.