IDEA! Galeon 1.3 is the preferred version (Galeon 1.2 is no longer developed)

NOTE Due to ever changing mozilla API's, Galeon must be run with exactly the same version of mozilla that it was compiled with.

NOTE The above binary packages are provided as is, without warranties of any kind. Some of those packages have been built by third parties and the Galeon developers have no responsibility about their correctness or authenticity.



You can checkout galeon sources from the GNOME CVS repository. The following commands will get you started. See Getting the most out of CVS in GNOME for more information about using CVS.

cvs -d login

(there is no password, just hit return)

cvs -d -z3 checkout galeon

(Galeon 1.2 is in the galeon-1-2 branch, you can use checkout -r galeon-1-2 galeon instead if you want.)


Galeon is also available through arch. There is lots of useful information on arch in the arch wiki, and the rhythmbox development pages also have some useful information. The following commands will get you started:

Register the archive with arch:

tla register-archive

Download the latest version

tla get

To update the source tree do:

tla update


If you have apt installed and you want to use Dag or Matt's apt repositories, then you have to do three things;

Instructions are given for using Dag's repository in Dag's FAQ whilst Matt's is covered in Matt's instructions for using APT.

If you are using Dag's repository and you want to stick with the Fedora standard software in preference to his own, adding lines like the following to your /etc/apt/preferences file. See the apt-get and apt_preferences manual pages for more details.

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 150

This will download and update packages which are only available on his archive whilst leaving standard Fedora packages alone.