Galeon Development

Bugs and Suggestions

If you think that you have found a bug in Galeon, then please report it, but please ensure that what you're reporting is actually a BUG and not a problem on your end.

If you have a suggestion for a new feature in Galeon, please subscribe to the galeon-devel mailing list, and let us know. If we like the idea, we will ask for it to be reported to Bugzilla as an enhancement, and it might get implemented.


Galeon can be easily translated into your own language. Translations are handled by the GNOME Translation Project. The best way of contributing a Galeon translation is by joining the team for your language. At least one person in the translation team has access to GNOME CVS and can commit your Galeon translation.

Developing Galeon

Galeon is actively developed, and the main developers hang around #galeon on GIMPnet, which is where the majority of development discussion takes place, although you can also post to the galeon-devel mailing list.

If you just want to help develop Galeon, and don't know where to start, then there are a few easy to fix bugs and a whole lot more bugs and feature requests in Bugzilla. In addition GaleonPlan has a list of other changes that the developers would like to do.

You can follow what is happening in the Galeon tree using the CIA website which has real-time feeds of galeon changes.

Development Documentation

Submitting patches

If you have fixed a bug, enhanced some existing feature, or implemented a new exciting feature, don't hesitate to send us a patch. As the Galeon source is constantly changing we would appreciate it to have the patches against the most recent CVS source tree in unified diff format ("cvs diff -u").

In either case, the patch does not need to be complete. If there are some open issues feel free to send the patch to galeon-devel mailing list and we will try to give some feedback as soon as possible.

NOTE If you are coding Galeon and need some help, then IRC is the best place to contact the developers, but be patient, we all have day jobs.