Galeon Development

Submitting patches

The Galeon source is constantly changing. If you want to submit a patch, please do so from the most recent CVS source tree, subscribe to the galeon-devel mailing list and post your patch with a description of functionality.

If you want to contribute to Galeon, but don't know what to do, there a lots of bugs and features requests in bugzilla. In addition GaleonPlan has a list of other changes that the developers would like to do.


Naturally Galeon is far from perfect, so if you find any bugs, please report them. Please make sure that what you're reporting is actually a BUG and not a problem on your end.


If you have a suggestion for a new feature in Galeon, please subscribe to the galeon-devel mailing list, and let us know. If we like the idea, we will ask for it to be reported to Bugzilla as an enhancement, and it might get implemented.

This is just a quick outline of the stuff that needs to go in here:

We also probably want to change the Support page to Contact, and move all the development stuff from there to here, and add a translating section to the Contributing bit of the SideBar.

Feel free to sort this page out.... smile

-- CrispinFlowerday - 17 Jul 2004

HELP what does "Bugzilla lists" mean in practice? -- TK