15th Jan 2005 - Galeon 1.3.19 "Is this what you have been waiting for?"

So, it's been rather longer than we might have hoped since the last release, but what better way to bring in the new year than a new release? Most of the changes are small touches which should make for a better overall experience. We've also finally got a fully functional myportal for the first time in the 1.3.x series smile For those on the bleeding edge, you can now compile and run Galeon against Firefox or Thunderbird, but it's not a completely perfect experience yet; with Firefox, type-ahead-find doesn't work and to get a decent browsing experience out of Thunderbird you'll need to do a custom build that adds in a bunch of extensions they leave out by default, particularly 'wallet', 'cookie' and 'typeaheadfind'.


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