27th November 2005 - Galeon 2.0

Yes, the day is finally upon us. As I promised when I announced our future development plans, here's the actual Galeon 2.0 release. Its' been about 3 years and 8 months since work began on the 1.3.x development series and it's been unofficially stable for about half that time - so this acknowledgement of that fact is well past due.

As such, we have another modest changelog:

2.0.0 "One for the road."

The big item is really compatibility with firefox 1.5 (assuming they don't do anything silly in the next couple of days...).

I'll repeat my assurance that this doesn't mean we're just stopping galeon development cold; it's going to be quite a while before enough work has been completed to make epiphany my primary browser so, if nothing else, expect to see periodic releases that keep it compiling against newer mozilla releases. You might even see a bug fix or two. smile

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