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Main Home of Main web Search Main web Recent changes in the Main web Get notified of changes to the Main web Welcome to Galeon... Users - tour this expandable virtual workspace. ...get a first-hand feel for TWiki possibilities.
You can use color coding by web for identification and reference. This table is updated automatically based on WebPreferences settings of the individual webs. Contact tko@users.sourceforge.net if you need a separate collaboration web for your team.
Legend of icons:   Home of web = Go to the home of the web
Search web = Search the web
  Recent changes in the web = See recent changes in the web
Get notified of changes to the web = Subscribe to get notified of changes by e-mail
(included from SiteMap; change Main.Home to include from SiteMap instead of TWikiWebsTable)

Galeon.Main Web:

  • WebSearch: Full text search of the Galeon.Main web.
  •    (More options in WebSearch)
  • WebChanges: Find out recent changes of the Galeon.Main web.
  • WebIndex: Display all Galeon.Main topics in alphabetical order.
  • WebNotify: Subscribe to be automatically notified when something changes in the Galeon.Main web.
  • WebStatistics: View access statistics of the Galeon.Main web.
  • WebPreferences: Preferences of the Galeon.Main web.

Galeon.TWiki Web: