Make a nicer download manager.

HELP Would a desktop-wide download manager make more sense? Something that would not by itself transfer files, it would just be the user interface for

Applications that do the actual downloading would simply signal status changes to the single download manager instead of all reinventing the management display. The benefit (HELP) would be that all your downloads can be controlled from a single place, be it a window, notification area or combination of both. (g)wget, Galeon, X-Chat downloads all in the same place...

Regardless of who implements the manager, in Galeon context we want (HELP) to show following (per file):

There should also be global status available:

And the actions for each item that should be possible from the manager, either in the context menu or in the "Edit" menu:

Random ideas:

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new-download-mockup.png manage 56.6 K 14 Jul 2004 - 16:07 TommiKomulainen A mockup of possible UI