26, Nov 2002 - Galeon 1.3.0 Released

This is the first unstable release based on gnome 2 libraries and gtk2 mozilla.

It's a development version. This means that it will crash, it won't work as expected and it may damage random files of your system. However, we encourage you to test it and report any bug you find, and send us patches if you feel that you can help.

We suggest to backup your .galeon directory before running it. Mozilla gtk2 port is still incomplete. So a patch need to be applied. Instructions are in the INSTALL file inside the package.

Galeon 1.3 has been a nearly complete rewrite. Many features has been retained, some have been dropped, some will be put back in the future, a few have been added. List all the changes would be too long, so just try it out smile

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