Why don't themes and spinners work?


Galeon 1.3 moved away from having its own themes, and now uses the theme set for Gnome.

Converting old Galeon spinners to Gnome icon theme spinners is fairly simple with ImageMagick. The following assumes you have the Galeon spinner and the gnome theme is used as an example.

  1. Go to the directory that holds the files 001.png, 002.png, ..., and rest.png for your spinner.
  2. Make note of the highest numbered file 027.png
  3. Determine the spinner size:
    $ identify 001.png
    001.png PNG 34x34 DirectClass 8-bit 2657b 0.0u 0:01
  4. Convert the spinner animation:
    $ montage +frame +shadow +label -tile 1x27 -geometry 34x34 0*.png gnome-spinner.png
  5. "Convert" the stopped spinner:
    $ mv rest.png gnome-spinner-rest.png
  6. Install the spinner:
    $ mkdir -p $HOME/.icons/galeon/34x34/apps/
    $ cp gnome-spinner.png gnome-spinner-rest.png $HOME/.icons/galeon/34x34/apps/
  7. Create a $HOME/.icons/galeon/index.theme file with the following contents:

    [Icon Theme]
    Comment=The old Galeon spinner
  8. Open the Theme settings from the GNOME control center and change the icons to use the Galeon icon theme.