Galeon 2 interface lines (draft 0.1)

The goal is to go back to the initial principle of galeon development "The web, only the web".

HIG compliance

The new version of galeon is going to follow version 1.0 of the gnome user guidelines. Unless there are very seriuos reasons to make an exception not following it will be considered a bug. "I follow the HIG only when I like it" is not a legitimate approach. Any areas where we diverge from the HIG will communicated to the HIG team for future consideration.

Gnome integration

Galeon's main goal is to be integrated with the gnome desktop. We dont aim to make galeon usable outside Gnome. If someone will like to use it anyway, it's just a plus. Ex: Making people happy that don't have control center installed is not a good reason to have mime configuration in galeon itself.

Simple design

Feature bloat and user interface clutter is evil :)


We will follow the new gnome policy about preferences. I think Havoc already explained it a lot better than I could ever do. Havoc's essay

User target

We target non-technical users by design. This happens to be 90% of the user population.
(Technical details should not exposed in the interface)
We target web users, we dont directly target web developers.
A few geek-oriented feautures can be kept as long as they are non-obtrusive.
Ex. Javascript disabling in the prefs dialog