While all may seem quiet in galeon world, we are working hard on Galeon 2, a new major version based on Gnome 2. We decided to do a full rewrite of the our code base because of the huge changes in Gnome architecture, to improve maintainability and stability.

Galeon2 Screenshot The new code is already pretty stable and all the major features of Galeon 1 have been reimplemented. Many people are using it as their full time browser. We tried to improve the usability of the user interface and the integration with the desktop.

Installation Instructions: INSTALL

Some of the improvements:

Galeon2 Screenshot

Galeon2 Screenshot
So if galeon 2 is already usable why aren't I using it? Where I can get the code?

Well, we are. You can see the installation instructions here if you wish.

The main constraint right now is that there is no stable Mozilla release with gtk2 support in it. Since 1.3a, there has been gtk2 support in the tree and gtk2 builds are available (gtk1 and gtk2 are mutually available). However, until Mozilla 1.3 stable is released, it will be a little difficult to get galeon2 going.

The process of putting everything together is a lot easier than it used to be. gtk2 enabled binary builds of mozilla 1.3b are readily available for many distributions and building mozilla from source no longer requires any wierd patches. One doesn't have to be too brave to get the job done. Check out the INSTALL document to see what should be done.

As galeon 2 is still a work in progress, we would like to hear your feedback with reports on or suggestions on the mailing lists.