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Galeon News

16th September 2006 - Galeon 2.0.2

After a very long break, I finally got round to pushing out a new galeon release. It's just some minor bug fixes and compatibility updates so you can use with the latest firefox/xulrunner betas and trunk.

2.0.2 "It's a long and winding road"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.7.5+, Seamonkey 1.0+, Firefox 1.0.x and 1.5+, and xulrunner 1.8+ and trunk builds as of 16/09/06
  • Bug fixes: 333149
  • Otherwise, just compatibility fixes
    • Building against trunk builds of xulrunner requires an explicit argument to configure: --enable-libxpcomglue_s
    • It is hard to detect when it is required, so it must be specified manually. To add insult to injury, the file (libxpcomglue_s.a) is not shipped with pre-built xulrunners, so you'll have to dig it out of the build tree and put it somwhere that the galeon build can find it.

26th February 2006 - Galeon 2.0.1

I'm pleased to announce that galeon 2.0.1 has been released. The big point of this release is compatibility with xulrunner, which I'm sure debian users will appreciate smile Also, we've now got firefox/xulrunner compatible typeaheadfind support.

2.0.1 "Look what we found."

  • Works with Mozilla 1.7.5+, Seamonkey 1.0+, Firefox 1.0.x and 1.5+, and xulrunner 1.8+.
  • Find toolbar ported from Epiphany. TypeAheadFind now works properly with firefox.
  • Bug fixes

27th November 2005 - Galeon 2.0

Yes, the day is finally upon us. As I promised when I announced our future development plans, here's the actual Galeon 2.0 release. Its' been about 3 years and 8 months since work began on the 1.3.x development series and it's been unofficially stable for about half that time - so this acknowledgement of that fact is well past due.

As such, we have another modest changelog:

2.0.0 "One for the road."

  • Works with mozilla 1.7.5+, 1.8a3 and up; Firefox 1.0.x and 1.5
  • Embedded http error message pages. (If mozilla support them)
  • Security Device Manager button in security prefs.
  • Delete key works in Personal Data Manager.
  • Support for multimedia keyboard keys like Back and Forward.
  • Other bug fixes.

The big item is really compatibility with firefox 1.5 (assuming they don't do anything silly in the next couple of days...).

I'll repeat my assurance that this doesn't mean we're just stopping galeon development cold; it's going to be quite a while before enough work has been completed to make epiphany my primary browser so, if nothing else, expect to see periodic releases that keep it compiling against newer mozilla releases. You might even see a bug fix or two. smile

22nd Oct 2005 - Galeon Future

Tommi, Crispin and I were all able to attend the GNOME summit last weekend, even though Crispin had to pay his own way smile So, it was a good opportunity for us to sit down and discuss the future of Galeon. All of us are very much working fulltime which limits the extent to which we can hack on Galeon and the amount of activity you've observed speaks for itself.

As such, we've reached the conclusion that we have to change our approach if we're going to avoid Galeon getting stale or bit-rotting; which is important for all of us, as we all use Galeon because we still think it's the best thing out there smile

So, what does changing our approach mean? It means considering Epiphany in a new light; Galeon still does a lot of things, small and large, that Epiphany either doesn't do or doesn't do as well, but at the same time, there are some areas where they've moved in front, and most importantly Epiphany has a bunch of active maintainers who are handling the things that we struggle to do for Galeon. But you say: Epiphany doesn't fit my needs or I'd be using it already! True, so our proposal is to bring Galeon to Epiphany.

Epiphany has a powerful extensions mechanism that exposes many of the core structures of the program and there is a general willingness to expose more as necessary. This means that many galeon features can be recast as extensions, and Crispin has already done this for a couple of things: the sidebar is now in epiphany-extensions and he's got a few more hidden away such as in-browser view-source. Also don't forget that some other features have been independently ported as extensions already, such as the javascript console. There are a few galeon features which are hard to implement as extensions and/or are of a class that makes them desirable within the base Epiphany package, and these should be directly ported. I've already made a couple of checkins to port back/forward history copying and middle-clicking on history entries.

Between these two approaches and the more pragmatic direction that epiphany is moving in these days (heirarchical bookmark support has just been checked in!), I believe that we can reach a point where Epiphany + a set of extensions will provide the same functionality that Galeon does today.

This seems an optimal solution for everyone; it allows us, the galeon developers, to avoid duplicating work with epiphany team, it will allow users to leverage the best from both browsers and most importantly, it puts galeon on a much firmer footing for the future that is not so much at the mercy of our ability to find time to hack on it.

I hope that this sounds like a good long term strategy to everyone, but if you do find yourself recoiling from it, do realise that the current approach is unsustainable and will almost certainly result in galeon becoming unmaintained or falling too far behind in some areas, meaning that you'll be struggling to keep using it anyway.

This process will probably take some time given our other commitments, so we intend to make a formal 2.0 galeon release (long overdue really) and keep that compiling against newer releases of mozilla, but our efforts will be directed towards this extension project.

Of course, anybody who wants to help out, either with the extensions or with maintaining the current galeon codebase, is more than welcome!

I've added a wiki page at: http://live.gnome.org/Epiphany/GaleonIssues which lists current stuff I can think of. I encourage anyone to add anything that I've missed, but if you want to list a Galeon 1.2 feature please categorise it separately smile


21st May 2005 - Galeon 1.3.21 "It's the thought that counts"

This release is primarily to get some nice bug fixes out to everyone; I've highlighted these below. It's also one of the very few times where we didn't need to make any changes to account for new mozilla releases (of course, there are lots of changes to keep up with mozilla cvs).


  • Works with mozilla 1.7 -> 1.7.8, 1.8a3 -> 1.8b2 and trunk
  • Couple more focus fixes to less common cases
  • Fix regression since 1.3.19 that prevented helpers from working with file:/// urls.
  • Fix toolbar editor to work when the composite extension is enabled
  • Other bug fixes

12th March 2005 - Galeon 1.3.20 "In Soviet Russia focus steals you!"

Gnome 2.10 is out and it's time for another release. The biggest item for this release, as you might guess, is that we think we've finally got a complete workaround for the infamous focus stealing problem that mozilla has. Now you won't find background tabs stealing focus from the url entry or from text entries in the current tab. Otherwise, mostly bug fixes but a couple of nice improvements to work with the enhanced startup notification in gnome 2.10. Finally, if your distro is using the patched firefox, then galeon will be able to do typeaheadfind when built against it.


  • Works with mozilla 1.7 -> 1.7.5, 1.8a3 -> 1.8b1 and trunk
  • Using FireFox patched according to the instructions on http://live.gnome.org/Epiphany_2fMozillaPatches, type ahead find will work.
  • Further improvements to the attempt to stop the focus being stolen from web pages.
  • Works with Gnome 2.10:
    • Use startup notification when launching programs
    • Don't steal focus from other applications when launching new windows
    • Show application icons in the "Open With" menu
  • Don't show security dialogs twice
  • Use our own version of the security dialogs to look nicer, and allow better translation
  • Much improved favicon cache - only store favicons on disk for bookmarks
  • When saving files, check the user has permission.
  • Lots of other bug fixes

15th Jan 2005 - Galeon 1.3.19 "Is this what you have been waiting for?"

So, it's been rather longer than we might have hoped since the last release, but what better way to bring in the new year than a new release? Most of the changes are small touches which should make for a better overall experience. We've also finally got a fully functional myportal for the first time in the 1.3.x series smile For those on the bleeding edge, you can now compile and run Galeon against Firefox or Thunderbird, but it's not a completely perfect experience yet; with Firefox, type-ahead-find doesn't work and to get a decent browsing experience out of Thunderbird you'll need to do a custom build that adds in a bunch of extensions they leave out by default, particularly 'wallet', 'cookie' and 'typeaheadfind'.


  • Works with mozilla 1.7 -> 1.7.5, 1.8a3 -> 1.8a6 and trunk (Note that there's a bug in 1.8a6 that prevents it working with galeon if mozilla is compiled by FC3's gcc or gcc cvs. This is fixed in trunk.)
  • Try and stop the page from stealing focus from the location bar
  • Jump to tabs that open javascript dialogs, secunia advisory SA12712
  • Make the location bar turn yellow for secure sites
  • Myportal overhaul, including clickable folder headers, and working file urls
  • Fix cookie preferences
  • Improved Javascript console
  • Allow compilation against FireFox libs (no type-ahead-find though)
  • Allow compilation against Thunderbird libs (requires custom thunderbird build with extra components)
  • Launch urls opened from the command line in a new tab if a galeon window is on the current workspace
  • Encode smart bookmarks better, so they work when the substituion is in the path portion of the url
  • Use the iso-codes package if it is available for language names
  • Lots of other bug fixes

23 Oct, 2004 - Galeon 1.3.18 "Where's my name?"

Well, it seems we've managed to break our once-a-month release cycle quite comprehensively this time round, but here's the latest release! It's admittedly been a bit of a quiet period, but we do see the return of autobookmarks in a new and improved form (you can configure the selection algorithm) and some handy bug fixes.


  • Works with Mozilla 1.7 through 1.8a4 and trunk
  • Add auto bookmarks (most viewed pages from the history)
  • Add preference to stop web pages from blocking and altering context menus
  • Various dock fixes
  • lots and lots of other bug fixes

08, Aug 2004 - New Galeon Web site

We are pleased to launch a new website for Galeon, in the past, our website hasn't always been the most up to date site ever. By using a wiki, we hope that users will feel able to contribute to the web site, and add content (FAQ entries, tips, documentation).

To get started editing the site, check out the editing web site page.

Any questions, then contact us and we will help.

08 Aug, 2004 - Galeon 1.3.17 "The one that can (x)print"

Yes, that's right, another month, another release. This one's got quite a few goodies in it along with the usual flood of bug fixes. We've got UI support for Xprint if your mozilla supports it and Ricardo's celebrated his return by implementing vfolders for bookmarks. As in evolution, these allow you to create views of your existing bookmark hierarchy based on various criteria.


  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.8a2 and trunk
  • Support printing with Xprint
  • Get rid of the startup script; you need to update your scripts if you have been using galeon-bin directly
  • Add saved files in recent-files list for easy access
  • Add support for vfolders of bookmarks.
  • Restore the 'Reload Frame' context menu item
  • Add progress dialog when printing.
  • Don't copy the history of the old tab, when creating an unrelated new tab
  • Support the new GNOME 2.8 mime type system
  • lots of other bug fixes

03 Jul, 2004 - Galeon 1.3.16 "What do you mean, 'late'?"

Yes, it's roughly that time of the month again, and here's our first official release that's compatible with Mozilla 1.7. There's a lot of small fixes and refinements - particularly the fixing of the annoying crash when deleting cookies.


  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.7, 1.8a1 and trunk
  • Add thumbnailing to the Open dialogs
  • Improved context menus
  • Ensure URL's for frames and redirects don't get saved in the history
  • Fix the spinner background with gradient themes
  • Fix a crash when removing items in the personal data manager
  • Fix reloading of framesets
  • Make better use of gtk 2.4 API's
  • lots of other bug fixes

17 Jun, 2004 - Galeon 1.2.14 "End of the Line"

Well, after far too long, here's a new 1.2.x release to coincide with the Mozilla 1.7 release. It's also significant because I'm not planning to try and keep up with mozilla beyond 1.7. AA font support is no longer supported for gtk1 builds of mozilla 1.8, making it pretty clear that it's viewed as deprecated so this seems a good point to stop. Nevertheless, those of you still using 1.2.x, enjoy!


  • Compatible with: 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2.1, 1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7
  • No more keeping track of new mozilla releases after 1.7
    • 1.7 will be the next 'stable' release (previously was 1.4.x)
    • Xft/Freetype2 support with gtk1 has been removed from mozilla trunk so you can't get nice fonts with newer versions of mozilla. As a result, I forsee a distinct lack of demand for support for 1.8a upward.

31 May, 2004 - Galeon 1.3.15 "Lots of changes under the hood"

As promised, here's the first gtk+ 2.4 based release. We also made a bunch of other updates - the most significant of which is a serious overhaul of the downloading subsystem - most significantly meaning it doesn't crash all the time smile In the feature restoration department, we see the return of the off-line mode and user stylesheets.

We're well on track towards a 1.4.0 release with most of the feature items we were shooting for implemented. Can't promise when it's going to happen, but we're closer than we were. smile


  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.7rc2 and trunk
  • Requires gtk+ 2.4
  • Major download re-write:
    • Much improved robustness; lots of crashes fixed
    • Improved filename generation when saving pages
    • Pages generated by a POST correctly saved
  • Restored offline mode
  • Restored ability to block cookie sites when removing cookies
  • Improved layout of personal data manager
  • Added context menu to links in page info dialog
  • Added image save button to page info dialog
  • Always show the menubar when F10 is pressed
  • Use more stock icons from the current icon theme
  • Implement user stylesheet support (put them in ~/.galeon/stylesheets)

21 Mar, 2004 - 1.3.14a sigh

Yeah, same problem as last time. Stupid automake 1.8.x

20 Mar, 2004 - Galeon 1.3.14 "Almost A One Man Army"

Yes, it's that time of year again. Development has been quieter than we would have liked, with Crispin pretty much being single handedly responsible for the work in this release. I hope that things will pick up a little in the coming weeks, but we'll see.

This will be the last gtk+ 2.2 based release; the next one will require 2.4. There won't be too much user-visible changes as we've taken advantage of must of the new stuff through libegg already.


  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.7b and trunk
  • A lot of bug fixes from Crispin (and a couple from Phil)
  • Support context menu key with 1.7b or newer
  • Last gtk 2.2 based release. Next will require 2.4

17, Mar 2004 - 1.3.13a

I suppose you can say we were asking for it with a release name like that...

I used the shiny new automake 1.8.2 when building the tarballs and that was obviously a mistake. It fails to include a helper script needed to make installation succeed. I've readded this file and pushed out 1.3.13a tarballs. The in-program version is still reported as 1.3.13 as if you've got galeon installed, you don't have a problem smile

Please get the new tarball and sorry for the mess.

16, Mar 2004 - Galeon 1.3.13 "Lets try that again"

The Galeon developers are pleased to announce a new release. This release fixes a lot of bugs and regressions from the bonoboui->libegg port.

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.6 and trunk
  • Stop the URL from disappearing from the location bar when loading pages in new tabs
  • Add filtering and in-line cookie detail viewing to the Personal Data Manager.
  • Preserve any accelerator changes
  • Ensure type-ahead-find and emacs key modes work correctly
  • Fix pasting of IDN domain names
  • Many libegg port fixes:
    • Hook up Ctrl+KP_Plus and Ctrl+KP_subtract to zooming action
    • Implement a toolbar style override key, see ExtraPrefs?
    • Ensure 'View Source' from a sidebar works
    • Add Print and "Save As" toolbar items
  • Menu changes:
    • Use libegg for most dynamic menus
    • Put favicons in the 'Go', 'Back' and 'Forward' menus
    • Make the bookmark menu colours correct
    • Update the sensitivity of items in the Tab menu
    • Put Tab actions in the tab context menu
  • Make history low-disk safe, and more robust when loading corrupted history files.
  • lots of other bug fixes.

22, Feb 2004 - Galeon 1.3.12 "The One With Documentation"

Here it is! After much parallel development we can finally announce the first egg based release of galeon. So, lots of changes and improvements in this one!

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.6 and trunk
  • Switch to GNOME icon themes for spinners. See FAQ for using your old spinners
  • Switched over to libegg from libbonoboui. Finally
    • Backend is a lot nicer now
    • Toolbar customisation using egg toolbar editor
    • Drag urls to bookmark toolbar to add them
    • Other nicer touches
  • Properties dialog for pages restored
  • Improved Bookmark properties dialog
  • Interactive Add Bookmark/Add Tabs as Folder dialog
  • More comprehensive hack for emacs keybindings. They now work correctly in mozilla form controls. Also, escape to leave typeaheadfind mode now works. At last!
  • Disable open in new window/tab for urls that can't cope with it. Mostly just javascript calls
  • Encoding menu from epiphany smile
  • Tab Menu once agin lists tabs contained in window
  • "Move Tab To Another Window" menu restored. Not forced to drag-and-drop tabs now.
  • Warn if a tab is closed with a partially filled in form on it.
  • *Lots* of misc bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Cleaned up stale preferences and updated ExtraPrefs?
  • Updated Documentation. Yay!

19, 2003 - Galeon 1.3.11a "XXX: FIXED"

And hot on the heals of 1.3.11, we have another release smile Thanks go to Tim Jackson who very quickly spotted that the font preferences dialogwere not set to their initial state when loading the dialog.

  • Ensure that the font preferences are read from gconf correctly (spotted by Tim Jackson)

18, 2003 - Galeon 1.3.11 "XXX: FIXME"

We are pleased to announce a brand new release of Galeon. This releasecontains quite a lot of bug fixes, and, all being well, will be the lastbonoboui based release of Galeon. The future is libegg, and Gtk 2.4.

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.5, 1.6b and trunk
  • Add yet more Gtk versions of Mozilla PSM dialogs
  • Use points rather than pixels for font sizes
  • Improve tab insertion logic to add tabs to the end of the list when creating tabs unrelated to the current page.
  • Implement per-host zoom saving
  • Fix lots of little printing bugs
  • Try and automatically fix broken charset preferences
  • By popular demand, make Escape close the Find dialog
  • Lots of bug fixes

26, Nov 2003 - Galeon 1.3.10 Released

Over a month has passed since 1.3.9, and since then Mozilla 1.5 has arrived, so its time for a new release:

1.3.10 "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.5, 1.6a and trunk
  • Add Gtk dialogs for most of the mozilla PSM prompts
  • Better errors if startup fails
  • Importing of Epiphany bookmarks
  • Use correct gnome icons in unknown mime type dialog
  • Tabs can be dragged to another window when the tab bar isn't visible
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes

16, Oct 2003 - Galeon 1.3.9 released!

Ok, we screwed up with the last release and gave you a nasty bug which broke basically all form postings and stylesheets. But don't worry, you can keep the pieces. We'll even offer you this new release, for free! So here goes...

Galeon 1.3.9 "Space for rent"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4, 1.5a, 1.5b, and trunk
  • Fixes form posting/stylesheet problems that slipped in 1.3.8
  • Remove buggy man, info, toc -protocols, yelp does much better job
  • Bugfixes

If even after upgrading you're still experiencing form posting/stylesheet problems, set the default encoding in Preferences/Language (ISO-8859-1 is a good choice unless you know better) and force reload, clear cache, and/or restart Galeon. (Mozilla is quite eager serving cached pages.) This fix works also for 1.3.8.

10, Oct 2003 - Galeon 1.3.8 Released!

After far too long, as seems rather common these days, we have a new galeon release for you. 1.3.8 has some nice new features and a revamped bookmark editor as well as a lot of bugfixes.

It's also significant because we're formally announcing that 1.2.x support will be limited to ensuring it still compiles with newer mozilla releases. This has been de facto for a while now, but we're now confident that 1.3.x is a good product for the average user despite its nominal 'unstable' status.

And here's the summarised changes:

Galeon 1.3.8 "What Documentation?"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.3.x, 1.4, 1.5a, 1.5b, and trunk
  • Rewritten preferences dialog with more options to play with
  • Radically overhauled bookmarks editor
  • Alternate stylesheet menu
  • Show favicons in notebook tabs
  • Drag and drop improvements
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes

04, Sep 2003 - Galeon, A History

We've gotten many questions about why Galeon is the way it is, and here is the answer.

25, Aug 2003 - Galeon Developers Interview

The links page lists an interview with some of the Galeon developers. included is discussion on the current state, future direction, and problems involved with the project.

Also included is a place to ask your own questions for a future interview.

22, Aug 2003 - Galeon 1.3.7 released!

Galeon 1.3.7 "The paper bag"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.3.x, 1.4, 1.5a, and trunk
  • Fix several crashes in bookmarks properties, toolbar editor, web menu
  • Add missing translations in places

20, Aug 2003 - Galeon 1.3.6 Released

Galeon 1.3.6 "3,735,928,559"

Shiny new galeon release, largely provoked by the release of mozilla 1.4 final, although strangely enough, 1.3.5 is source compatible with 1.4; the first time that's ever happened since before mozilla 1.0.

As such, you won't see anything spectacularly big in this release; we've had a lot of bugs fixed with very much appreciated help from Chris Lahey at Ximian and Crispin Flowerday, and there are some subtle improvements.

  • Works with Mozilla 1.3.x, 1.4, 1.5a, and trunk
  • Translation sanity. If you have the appropriate langpack for your locale for mozilla installed, galeon will switch to it on start up.
  • Try and switch to classic theme on start up to get native scrollbars
  • Ctrl-Enter in location entry and auto-complete dropdown opens in new tab/window
  • Ctrl-Enter and middle-click opens smartbookmark in new tab
  • Toolbar button to toggle fullscreen mode
  • Clear History actually works now
  • Popup page context menu with Shift-F10
  • Unblock an image from its context menu
  • Some other bugfixes
  • Misc optimisations

19, Aug 2003 - New 1.3.5 rpm

A new rpm for 1.3.5 compiled for redhat9 compiled against blizzard's mozilla 1.4 rpm's is available in the download area.

22, Jul 2003 - Email Archives Link Repaired

It obviously hasn't been a big deal, since no-one's noticed since 2001, but the link on the support page to the galeon-user archives is repaired.

08, Jul 2003 - Galeon 1.2.11 and 1.3.5 Released

Galeon 1.2.11 "Tommi wishes it would go away"

Galeon 1.3.5 "It's not dead, it's resting"

Yes, that's right, we're not actually dead. So here's a new release to prove it! 1.3.5 adds popup controls and sees the return of a couple of much missed features. And don't forget support for mozilla 1.4rc1!

Checkout the Changelog summaries on sourceforge by following the links at the top-right corner, or even better, download and see for yourself.

Source tarballs are up now. rpms should follow fairly soon.

19, May 2003 - Galeon 1.2.10 and 1.3.4 Released

Galeon 1.2.10 "Zombie process"

Galeon 1.3.4 "Not bad for a dead guy"

New double release for galeon adds official support for Mozilla 1.4a. 1.3.4 is looking really nice, and while it is still technically unstable,it should do almost everything you want and we'd really like you to check it out!

Checkout the Changelog summaries on sourceforge by following the links at the top-right corner, or even better, download and see for yourself.

Source tarballs are up now. rpms should follow fairly soon.

17, Apr 2003 - Galeon 1.2.9 Released

This is a compatibility release that adds support for Mozilla 1.3 final. There is also a small fix to the gcc abi wrapper so that realplayer and other old plugins work properly even when galeon and mozilla are compiled with gcc 3.x

09, Apr 2003 - Galeon 1.3.3 released

This is the release many of you have been waiting for, it reintroduces the much wanted javascript etc. quick toggles. You're slowly running out of excuses if that has been your reason to stay with the stable 1.2.x releases wink

Even though the 1.3.x branch is a development branch, in practice it is considered stable for every day use.

1.3.3 "Dead man browsing"

  • Works with Mozilla 1.3a, 1.3b, 1.3 and trunk
  • The shortcuts for popups/java/javascript are back!
  • Bookmarks can be added in the context menu
  • Proxy configuration capplet can be started from preferences
  • Cookie Sites can be configured in Personal Data
  • Context menu goodness for toolbar buttons
  • Many improvements
  • Fixes bugs raised by libbonoboui
  • More bugfixes

16, Mar 2003 - Galeon 1.2.8 and 1.3.2 released!

Tada! After a couple of months of quiet, we are happy to announce the release of new version of galeon from both the stable and gnome2 branches.

They are:

Galeon 1.2.8 "Gettextize me captain!"


Galeon 1.3.2 "Stop calling us dead, or we'll haunt you"

They both support Mozilla 1.3b, the latest release (and Galeon 1.3.x requires at least Mozilla 1.3a) and feature bug fixes and 1.3.x also has some nice new features.

In the interest of brevity, the release notes can be found with the files in our sourceforge area; just click on the stable and development links in the top right of the website.

We currently have source tarballs up with rpms on the way.


19, 2002 - Galeon 1.3.1 tarball updated (whoops)

The original galeon 1.3.1 tarball accidentally didn't include the nautilus-view files, so we've uploaded an updated tarball. Sorry for the confusion.

08, 2002 - Galeon 1.3.1 (unstable) Released!

  • Works with Mozilla 1.2.x and trunk. 1.2 requires a patch included with the galeon source tarball.
  • Added compatability symbols so that gcc2 compiled plugins (esp. flash) will work if you compile with gcc3.x.
  • proxy preferences moved to gnome control centre (you need control centre version 2.1.2 or later to be able to configure proxies for ftp and https). We have migration code that will move proxy prefs over.
  • right mouse button gestures are actually usable.
  • FTP browsing works again
  • 'New' toolbar button restored
  • tab detaching and dragging between windows
  • saving and restoring GNOME session works again
  • Ability to choose helper app restored
  • bugfixes

The 1.3.x branch is a development branch and not designed to replace 1.2.x for the typical user who wants a browser that works.

Having said that, we're grateful for all the brave souls who try it out; we need your feedback to make galeon as good as possible!

28, Dec 2002 - Galeon 1.2.7 Released

  • Compatible with 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2
  • Sidebar link opening behaviour now matches Mozilla
  • TypeAheadFind support
  • bugfixes

This is a minor bugfix release of the stable branch that fixes a few bugs and adds support for Mozilla 1.2

26, Nov 2002 - Galeon 1.3.0 Released

This is the first unstable release based on gnome 2 libraries and gtk2 mozilla.

It's a development version. This means that it will crash, it won't work as expected and it may damage random files of your system. However, we encourage you to test it and report any bug you find, and send us patches if you feel that you can help.

We suggest to backup your .galeon directory before running it. Mozilla gtk2 port is still incomplete. So a patch need to be applied. Instructions are in the INSTALL file inside the package.

Galeon 1.3 has been a nearly complete rewrite. Many features has been retained, some have been dropped, some will be put back in the future, a few have been added. List all the changes would be too long, so just try it out smile

15, Oct 2002 - Galeon 1.2.6 "Hey, everyone else has wierd release names,

so why don't we?" Released!

  • Compatible with 1.0.x, 1.1.x and 1.2a
  • Compatible with gcc 3.2 with --disable-werror
  • Complete Basic Sidebar support (No XUL sidebars)
  • Proxy prefs should actually be respected for a change
  • Support for forcing all cookies to be session cookies
  • Fixed almost all downloader progress dialog related crashes.
  • Helper app handling improved, and a number of bugs fixed

Yes! That's right! The first official galeon release with support for all three branches of the mozilla tree! However, this is only source level compatibility, you will need to recompile galeon for the particular mozilla version you are using, but it will compile.

26, Sep 2002 - Galeon2 Update

Marco has written up a synopsis of where galeon2 development stands and how you can help.

08, Jul 2002 - Galeon 1.2.5 released

  • - mozilla 1.0 compatibilty/requirement
  • - proxy auto-conf & printing fixes
  • - new Vietnamese translation

1.2.4 we are too excited about mozilla 1.0 to stop here smile

25, Jun 2002 - Galeon 1.2.3 Released

  • mozilla 1.0rc3 compatibilty/requirement
  • bugfixes

23, Jun 2002 - Galeon 1.2.2 Released

  • mozilla 1.0rc2 required
  • view-source: improvement (uses the new cached method from mozilla)
  • new %u = url substitution available for the mail handlers
  • new -d/--disable-crash-recovery command-line option
  • bugfixes
  • various small improvements

25, May 2002 - SuSE? RPMs added

SuSE? 7.3 and 8.0 rpm's have been added to the download page.

20, May 2002 - Galeon 1.2.1 Released

  • mozilla 1.0 rc1 compatibility
  • autoscroll
  • mozilla native print preview
  • bugfixes

12, Apr 2002 - Galeon 1.2.0 Released

  • Mozilla 0.9.9 required
  • Improved tab context menu
  • Favicon speedups/fixes
  • Improved crash recovery dialog
  • Memory leaks fixed
  • New smartbookmarks and bookmarklets
  • Bookmark importer fixes
  • "Select all" menuitem
  • Show favicons in tabs
  • "Properties" and "Page Info" windows added
  • Autoapply of changes in the prefs window
  • Bookmarks removal confirmation dialog
  • Mouse gesture support -- see the manual
  • Session autosave improvements
  • Better session manager behavior
  • "Copy email address" context menu item
  • Page titles in autocompletion window
  • Native JavaScript? console
  • New prefs window icons, courtesy of jimmac
  • Location entry fixes
  • Autobookmarks cleanup
  • Dialog cleanups
  • Fold/unfold arrows on smartbookmarks
  • Improved behavior of various command-line options
  • Zoom cleanups
  • SMB url-encoding fixes
  • "Recent sessions" submenu works now smile
  • Save last-selected download directory
  • Fullscreen should work in both old and new window managers now
  • Frame context menus should work correctly now

05, Mar 2002 - Galeon 1.1.3 Released

  • Mozilla 0.9.8 compatibility
  • Keep open checkbox on the download manager
  • Show titles in the autocompletion list
  • security options
  • native javascript console
  • new preferences icons (thank you jimmac!)
  • socks proxies support
  • option to clear the smart bookmark history
  • fix annoying window raising on focus
  • code cleanups
  • bugfixes

27, Feb 2002 - Smart Bookmarks Archive

The Galeon web site has a new section designed to allow Galeon users to submit and collect Smart Bookmarks. You can find it on the web site menu, or go directly to http://galeon.sourceforge.net/bookmarks/ .

NOTE: IMPORTANT: This functionality only works with Galeon 1.1.2 or higher.

12, Feb 2002 - Galeon 1.1.2 Released

  • bugfixes
  • better autocompletion
  • gestures
  • better IE favicon support
  • view page info (ala moz and N4)
  • element properties (right click on element)
  • bookmarks delete confirmation
  • smart bookmark improvements
  • preferences autoapply (prefs take effect instantly)
  • auto-reload (simulate meta-refresh from the client)

28, 2001 - Galeon 1.1.1 Released

  • Mozilla 0.9.7 compatibility
  • bugfixes

27, 2001 - Galeon 1.0.2 Released

  • mozilla 0.9.7 compatibility
  • bugfixes

21, 2001 - New Spinners

  • Earth
  • Ball

08, 2001 - Red Hat 6 RPMs for Galeon 1.0.1

There are RedHat? 6 compatible RPMs avaible now for Galeon 1.0.1 in the dowload section, thanks to Richard Bellavance.

06, 2001 - Galeon 1.1 Released

This is the development version of galeon. We will continue to release stable version with bugfixes and mozilla compatibility updates (1.0.x releases)

  • nautilus view!
  • new bookmarks format (we use XBEL now)
  • new download dialog
  • full favicon support
  • ui cleanups
  • bugfixes
  • new crash recovery dialog
  • "close other tabs"
  • normal and smart url separation
  • changes in the theme format, everything is png now
  • "send link to"
  • more printing options
  • HTML "link" interface
  • fullscreen and find toolbar buttons
  • better author and user stylesheet support
  • new theme (Aquatic)
  • "find next"
  • support for removing single items or whole hosts from history
  • clearing history also clears the location entry history
  • security information tooltip on the security icon
  • ability to save and load individual bookmarks

Please note that some backwards compatibility hacks have been removed, removing PREFIX/share/galeon before installing is recommended.

IMPORTANT: the bookmarks format is changed, they will be automatically imported but we suggest to backup them before running galeon, They are in ~/.galeon/bookmarks.xml file. The new bookmarks file will be bookmarks.xbel

01, 2001 - New Spinners and Themes

  • Lizzard Spinner
  • BW-Quarters Spinner
  • Star and StarBlur? Spinners
  • 2 smaller Illuminate Themes

23, Dec 2001 - Announcing... 1.0

At long last, after a year and a half of work, we're proud to announce that Galeon 1.0 has been released. Please proceed immediately to the download page.

20, Dec 2001 - Themes and spinners O My!

Lots of new themes and spinners.

  • Azundris theme
  • 2 smaller Glass themes
  • Penguin spinner
  • Billy spinner

18, Dec 2001 - Galeon 0.12.8 Released

  • Release candidate 3 for Galeon 1.0
  • bugfixes

14, Dec 2001 - BlackAndWhite? Spinner Updated

The BlackAndWhite? spinner now has both a small and large version in the package.

10, Dec 2001 - Galeon 0.12.7 Released

  • Release candidate 2 for Galeon 1.0
  • bugfixes

07, Dec 2001 - New Themes and Spinners

The "Illuminate" and "Aquatic" themes and the "Hue" and "BlackAndWhite" spinners have been put up on the page. Thanks guys!

27, Nov 2001 - Galeon 0.12.6 Released

  • Release candidate 1 for Galeon 1.0
  • bugfixes

22, Nov 2001 - Galeon 0.12.5 Released

  • ability to drag tabs
  • bugfixes

14, Nov 2001 - Galeon 0.12.4 Released

  • Mozilla 0.9.5 compatibility
  • bugfixes

23, Oct 2001 - Galeon 0.12.2 Released

  • bugfixes
  • improved help browser
  • updated translations
  • prelight toolbars
  • some usability enanchement

16, Oct 2001 - Galeon 0.12.1 Released

  • mozilla 0.9.4 compatibility
  • lots of bugfixes
  • context menus for reload bypassing cache and proxy
  • find dialog with new options
  • author and user stylesheets support
  • ghelp, info, man, toc support
  • fix hangs on startup with new gnome-vfs
  • allow blocking of plugins
  • support for adding accels to bookmarks
  • copy/cut/paste context menu for forms
  • security icon on the statusbar
  • improved MIME preferences page
  • i18n fixes
  • ability to save background image
  • basic Xinerama support
  • about plugins
  • improved dragging of bookmarks to the toolbars
  • proxy autoconfiguration
  • bookmarks searching
  • better focus behavior
  • Don't repaint bookmarks toolbars when not necessary
  • lots of usability improvements

28, Sep 2001 - gconf fun?

If you can't find gconf-1.0.4, it's on ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/stable/sources/GConf/. packages will appear somewhere soon (I hope..)

20, Sep 2001 - Galeon 0.12 Released

  • Java console
  • full toolbar themability
  • ability to show/hide smartbookmarks
  • optionaly smart bookmark history
  • improved protocols handling
  • lot of bugfies

12, Sep 2001 - Galeon 0.12pre3 Released

many bugfixing (same for pre2)

11, Sep 2001 - Galeon 0.11.5 Released

fixed a cache bug from 0.11.4. This is the current stable version.

08, Sep 2001 - Galeon 0.12pre1 Released

this is - as a small error - called 0.11.2pre1 in the mailinglist

  • Mozilla 0.9.3 compatibility
  • gconf port WOOW ;)
  • ability to save images, javascript, stylesheets with the page
  • menu to move tabs
  • user agent spoofing
  • links drag and drop fixed
  • a lot of bugfixes and some memory leak fixed

26, Aug 2001 - Galeon 0.11.3 Released

big bugfix.

22, Aug 2001 - Galeon 0.11.2 Released

most important it now supports Mozilla 0.9.2

21, Aug 2001 - Galeon as a Info-Terminal

look there: http://www.uytun.com/galeon/

02, Aug 2001 - Galeon 0.11.1 Released

  • downloader / launcher now fully functional
  • mime type system remebers helper apps and can launch in terminal
  • toolbar styling; horizontal/vertical/icon/text and normal/large/nautilus
  • cut/copy/paste menu items (and shortcuts) work within browser
  • option to always save session on quit (very handy!)
  • generic handling of link opening, so shift and ctrl modifiers work everywhere (even in location entry and smart bookmarks -- try ctrl-return!)
  • context menu on bookmarks (in menus and bookmarks editor)
  • lot of prefs re-arranged for clarity and simplicity
  • menu rearrangements, including some shortcut changes
  • better popup blocking
  • put folder actions into submenu
  • enhanced myportal (now can do individual folders, adds to back/forward menu)
  • lots of dialogs made prettier, and smaller (most should fit in 640x480 now)
  • default bookmarks folder now alot more visible
  • compatibility with mozilla 0.9.2.
  • Slackware build scripts and package
  • manpage
  • huge vast massive number of bug fixes
  • lots of usability improvements

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