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02, Aug 2001 - Galeon 0.11.1 Released

  • downloader / launcher now fully functional
  • mime type system remebers helper apps and can launch in terminal
  • toolbar styling; horizontal/vertical/icon/text and normal/large/nautilus
  • cut/copy/paste menu items (and shortcuts) work within browser
  • option to always save session on quit (very handy!)
  • generic handling of link opening, so shift and ctrl modifiers work everywhere (even in location entry and smart bookmarks -- try ctrl-return!)
  • context menu on bookmarks (in menus and bookmarks editor)
  • lot of prefs re-arranged for clarity and simplicity
  • menu rearrangements, including some shortcut changes
  • better popup blocking
  • put folder actions into submenu
  • enhanced myportal (now can do individual folders, adds to back/forward menu)
  • lots of dialogs made prettier, and smaller (most should fit in 640x480 now)
  • default bookmarks folder now alot more visible
  • compatibility with mozilla 0.9.2.
  • Slackware build scripts and package
  • manpage
  • huge vast massive number of bug fixes
  • lots of usability improvements

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