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08, 2002 - Galeon 1.3.1 (unstable) Released!

  • Works with Mozilla 1.2.x and trunk. 1.2 requires a patch included with the galeon source tarball.
  • Added compatability symbols so that gcc2 compiled plugins (esp. flash) will work if you compile with gcc3.x.
  • proxy preferences moved to gnome control centre (you need control centre version 2.1.2 or later to be able to configure proxies for ftp and https). We have migration code that will move proxy prefs over.
  • right mouse button gestures are actually usable.
  • FTP browsing works again
  • 'New' toolbar button restored
  • tab detaching and dragging between windows
  • saving and restoring GNOME session works again
  • Ability to choose helper app restored
  • bugfixes

The 1.3.x branch is a development branch and not designed to replace 1.2.x for the typical user who wants a browser that works.

Having said that, we're grateful for all the brave souls who try it out; we need your feedback to make galeon as good as possible!

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