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20, Aug 2003 - Galeon 1.3.6 Released

Galeon 1.3.6 "3,735,928,559"

Shiny new galeon release, largely provoked by the release of mozilla 1.4 final, although strangely enough, 1.3.5 is source compatible with 1.4; the first time that's ever happened since before mozilla 1.0.

As such, you won't see anything spectacularly big in this release; we've had a lot of bugs fixed with very much appreciated help from Chris Lahey at Ximian and Crispin Flowerday, and there are some subtle improvements.

  • Works with Mozilla 1.3.x, 1.4, 1.5a, and trunk
  • Translation sanity. If you have the appropriate langpack for your locale for mozilla installed, galeon will switch to it on start up.
  • Try and switch to classic theme on start up to get native scrollbars
  • Ctrl-Enter in location entry and auto-complete dropdown opens in new tab/window
  • Ctrl-Enter and middle-click opens smartbookmark in new tab
  • Toolbar button to toggle fullscreen mode
  • Clear History actually works now
  • Popup page context menu with Shift-F10
  • Unblock an image from its context menu
  • Some other bugfixes
  • Misc optimisations

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