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22, Feb 2004 - Galeon 1.3.12 "The One With Documentation"

Here it is! After much parallel development we can finally announce the first egg based release of galeon. So, lots of changes and improvements in this one!

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.6 and trunk
  • Switch to GNOME icon themes for spinners. See FAQ for using your old spinners
  • Switched over to libegg from libbonoboui. Finally
    • Backend is a lot nicer now
    • Toolbar customisation using egg toolbar editor
    • Drag urls to bookmark toolbar to add them
    • Other nicer touches
  • Properties dialog for pages restored
  • Improved Bookmark properties dialog
  • Interactive Add Bookmark/Add Tabs as Folder dialog
  • More comprehensive hack for emacs keybindings. They now work correctly in mozilla form controls. Also, escape to leave typeaheadfind mode now works. At last!
  • Disable open in new window/tab for urls that can't cope with it. Mostly just javascript calls
  • Encoding menu from epiphany smile
  • Tab Menu once agin lists tabs contained in window
  • "Move Tab To Another Window" menu restored. Not forced to drag-and-drop tabs now.
  • Warn if a tab is closed with a partially filled in form on it.
  • *Lots* of misc bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Cleaned up stale preferences and updated ExtraPrefs?
  • Updated Documentation. Yay!

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