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16, Mar 2004 - Galeon 1.3.13 "Lets try that again"

The Galeon developers are pleased to announce a new release. This release fixes a lot of bugs and regressions from the bonoboui->libegg port.

  • Works with Mozilla 1.4 through 1.6 and trunk
  • Stop the URL from disappearing from the location bar when loading pages in new tabs
  • Add filtering and in-line cookie detail viewing to the Personal Data Manager.
  • Preserve any accelerator changes
  • Ensure type-ahead-find and emacs key modes work correctly
  • Fix pasting of IDN domain names
  • Many libegg port fixes:
    • Hook up Ctrl+KP_Plus and Ctrl+KP_subtract to zooming action
    • Implement a toolbar style override key, see ExtraPrefs?
    • Ensure 'View Source' from a sidebar works
    • Add Print and "Save As" toolbar items
  • Menu changes:
    • Use libegg for most dynamic menus
    • Put favicons in the 'Go', 'Back' and 'Forward' menus
    • Make the bookmark menu colours correct
    • Update the sensitivity of items in the Tab menu
    • Put Tab actions in the tab context menu
  • Make history low-disk safe, and more robust when loading corrupted history files.
  • lots of other bug fixes.

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